The Great Escape

It has been a dream for a very, VERY long time for my husband and I to own our own home. We both had our own ideas about what we wanted and we knew our ‘dream’ home would not be our first home. I mean, we have BIG dreams, who can realistically own their own home as a young family when you want things like acreage, large 4 bedroom house including room for a billiard table, decent size shed/s, still close to the city for work etc. especially when I’m a stay at home mum?? Our discussions about what we wanted in our own ‘dream’ home were becoming more about what else we could compromise on or go without.

Over the last couple of years the desire to own our own home has grown immensely, we felt the need to escape. Not just one thing or another, but escape from many things about that stage of our lives. We needed to escape the area where we were living; the quiet, suburban court that I grew up in is not the same quiet, friendly and safe area it used to be. We needed to escape the suburban life, where the houses were being squeezed onto smaller and smaller blocks and the drive just to the freeway on ramp was longer than the rest of the trip. We needed to escape the rent and break into the housing market. We needed to escape the confines of someone else’s house, although we were very lucky to have great landlords, there were always things that we wanted to do or wished we could change. We needed to escape the busy, hurried lifestyle where everyone seemed to always be too busy and in too much of a hurry; people in the shops, people on the road etc. always so impatient and rude.

We had had enough. We wanted to escape so much. We knew we couldn’t do much this year though, we had been told to wait until late this year, maybe next year, but we decided to start looking into what was for sale anyway. That was hard – looking at all the beautiful houses that were for sale that were on land, had lots of room, sheds and not too far away so that my husband could still get to work… The prices are just phenomenal! The media wasn’t kidding recently when they started on about how unaffordable it is to own your own home…

Then we found the ad. I was so in love with this house, even before we’d looked at it in person. Everything about it seemed perfect. It fit my needs, it fit my husband’s needs. It was too good to be true, especially considering the price was within our limits. But it was the wrong time for the perfect house to come on the market. I was so excited, we decided to look at it anyway. Seeing this house, on acreage, with 4 bedrooms, room for the billiard table, shedding and within the distance limit for hubby to get to work… It was even more perfect in person. The things we had agreed to compromise on, didn’t need to be compromised with this house, it was our ‘dream’ home. I was in love.

In all the excitement of finding the house of our dreams, we decided to make an offer. We were the first people to look through the house, as it had only just gone on the market. Our offer was made the morning after we looked, and only because my husband INSISTED that I had to at least sleep on a decision this big. Our offer was accepted that night! That was the easy part. The worst part about finding your dream home (I feel) is then having to get approved for a loan… We were so happy with the house, but knew there wasn’t a lot of hope to get the loan until later in the year, more of a deposit etc. We tried so hard not to get our hopes up, knowing that we may not get approval. But, the luck was somehow on our side! After many discussions with the broker, a LOT of waiting (anxiously) and every finger and toe crossed tightly, we eventually found out we had been approved to buy our amazing dream home. The excitement!!! I was literally jumping up and down all around the house! We were going to own our dream home!!! We would be moving into our dream home in less than 2 months!!! Wait, what?? Less than 2 months? Oh-oh! That’s not very long to get organised…

Well, never mind the getting organised for now, we had just secured our ticket to escape to our dreams. Something we never thought would be possible. We are very lucky, and very soon I will be adding part two of our amazing journey into home ownership – Preparing to move with children…

The joys! This was the last big life decision on my list checked off. Now I feel like my family has just started the next big adventure.

Princess Trinny Play Set Review

Recently(ish…) I was given an opportunity to complete a product review for The Stork Nest. I must apologise for the wait on the review, but the product arrived at our house in amongst the chaotic packing and war zone that comes with moving house! So as we are now moved in, settled and the girls have had a chance to play. I’ve had some time to put this together!

Firstly, I want to mention that this is a first for me, but – wow, what a product to start with!

We have been testing out the Trinny Princess Playset, which is made by Krooom who are committed to making fantastic and eco friendly toys. Honestly, I was a tiny bit quite sceptical of how a laminated board, aka cardboard, put-it-together-yourself castle was going to hold up against a three year old overly, excitable little girl, not to mention her younger hurricane sister! But we’ll get to them in a minute…

IMG_8600 Continue reading

From the mouths of babes – Just a bit of fun

I’m not sure how many people have seen this floating around on the internet, but I saw it pop up a day or 2 ago and thought it would be interesting to see what Miss 3 had to say! Honestly, it was really nice to listen to her answers and see how her mind works a bit more. She can be so cheeky, cute and truly amazing. So just for something different today, I thought I’d share the answers my three year old had to the following questions. It certainly made me smile.

1. What is something Mummy always says to you? Close my lips

2. What makes Mummy happy? Cuddles

3. What makes Mummy sad? Being naughty Continue reading

When is it too much for a mum?

OK, so we all know that mums are superwomen when it comes to coping without sleep. We all cope (or not) in very different ways and to very different degrees, but the point is – we do it. We get up for the night feeds when they are little, we get up for the bad dreams, we get up to tuck them in again, we get up to hear their problems, we get up for the toilet breaks, we get up to find their comforter, we get up over and over again…

Yes, sometimes we are lucky enough to have children who are naturally good sleepers – like my eldest daughter, who slept 10-12 hours a night from 5 weeks old. I was so lucky. My second, however, has never been a good sleeper, and now at 19 months she still very rarely gets a solid night sleep.

Right now, I can’t remember the last time I slept for 6-8 hours in one night, let alone uninterrupted, peacefully and comfortably. That seems like some hugely distant memory that kind of feels like I must have dreamt about it during one of my little ‘naps’… Continue reading

The Little Things

Well, Mother’s Day is just around the corner now! This Sunday sons and daughters will be acknowledging the amazing work our mothers do; all the unconditional love, support, encouragement, help, guidance, acceptance, protection, trust… They give us so much.

As I’ve grown up, I’ve struggled to show my mum just how much she means to me… I wasn’t the perfect child; be honest – is there really such a thing?? But my mum has always gone above and beyond for me and my family. I never seem to be able to express just what that means to me, I have never seemed to be able to repay her for all the things she has done. A while back I wrote a post about how if I could become half the mum she has been to me, I will be happy. And, I still hope that one day I will be somewhere close to the wonderful mum she is to me.

Thinking about all the great things my mum has done got me thinking about the one most important thing that she has taught me. I know that growing up I never went without, I certainly never had everything that I wanted, but I certainly had everything that I needed. Things were tight, and I do know that my mum went without things that she wanted so that I could have things that I wanted. Mum worked, and she worked hard… She still does now. But, no matter how busy, tired, stressed, or grumpy she was, and no matter how I had been behaving – she always made sure that I knew she loved me. She has taught me how important it is to show people that you love them and care about them. She never threw money at me so I could do what I wanted, she spent time with me. And even when time was short, the little things she did ensured that I knew just how loved I was (and still am). Continue reading

ANZAC Day 2015


This morning I have been touched by the amount of dawn service attendees around the country, photos are being shared everywhere by people who are truly in the spirit of ANZAC Day. It also bothers me that there are too many people without any respect for this very special day. I read this morning on a news site about some people who have vandalised a WWI memorial in London, and this news story frustrated me. I don’t understand how people don’t give things like this the appropriate respect.

Our servicemen and women didn’t fight the battles they did for people to receive a ‘Public Holiday’. But, enough on that side of things, today I wanted to post about the absolutely amazing spirit most people have when it comes to war and the people that fight for us. Continue reading

Play Date Today – WE needed that!

As always, a rather busy week… Always things to do, places to be, etc.etc.

But over the last three weeks, I have missed catching up with a good friend of mine, and Miss 3 has missed her ‘very best friend’. It’s a lovely bonus that Miss 3’s ‘bestie’ is the daughter of my ‘bestie’. Unfortunately it’s getting to that time of year where illnesses have been going around, and their family hasn’t had an easy time of the coughs and colds over the last few weeks.

We finally got to have a great catch up today, my girls had such a wonderful time visiting them. It was lovely to see them all playing happily together again! Funnily enough, it was just what I needed too… After I got home I realised just how much better we all felt after having our play date. Here are my top 3 reasons why having a play date with my girls is just as great for them as it is for me: Continue reading